Malane Shani

Life Coach Motivational Speaker Mentor

Sacred Daughters
Healing Our World Through Unconditional Love and Creative Expression

Sacred Daughters is an 8 week course intended to create a safe and sacred environment for girls ages 12-14 to tap into their natural spirituality and develop their spiritual gifts. 

Beginning Sunday, October 8th

Cost: $650
Scholarships available upon request.

The Sacred Daughters Creed

We the Sacred Daughters break the barriers of low-self esteem. We are unique each in our own right. We love freely and we develop our own self-concept and move forward with no fear. We open ourselves to recieve the vibrational energy of the highest spiritual level avaliable to us on this earth and we move urgently in that energy until we are freed by only the call of immortality.



The benefits of this course are:
  • Raised self esteem and confidence
  • Purpose movement
  • Healthy relationships
  • Emotional management and stamina
  • Increased clarity and focus
  • Self discipline
  • Good decision making
  • Self Awareness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress management

This 8 week course includes 4 stages 

Stage 1: The Clearing 
In this stage, each daughter will discover how to clear old memory patterns and belief systems that have been developed that are not in alignment with their natural way of being.  It includes Releasing through breathing which causes more clarity, focus and opens creative centers.

Stage 2: Spiritual Gift Development
Everyone one of us is born with innate spiritual gifts that help us carry out our purpose. This stage will assist daughters in discovering, developing and using their spiritual gifts in everyday life and tapping into intuition and discernment facilities. 

Stage 3: Practice & Integration
This stage is the most crucial stage.This is where daughters discover how to integrate and practice what they have learned. Our philosophy is practice makes permanent.

Stage 4: I Am Sacred Daughter. 
This stage gives the daughters an opportunity to infuse creativity with their spiritual gifts to work together and create a presentation for their parents, friends and family to show what they have learned.

This class is facilitated by Malane Shani, Life Coach, Spiritual Educator and Mentor.
Malane discovered her spiritual gifts at the age of 13 yrs old and was labeled slow and mentally ill. She was evaluated by psychiatrists and deemed mentally ill because of her natural abilities and spiritual intelligence. Malane started her work with youth early on, becoming a youth mentor and later becoming the school aged director for the YMCA, where she worked with and mentored youth at risk ranging from 5-17. She also became a temporary shelter for foster children and mentored troubled teens. Malane is committed to creating a sacred space to girls and young women to support them in being more purposeful and tuned into their innate abilities. For more information on Malane Shani, visit